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The Writing Coach

Sometimes when I’m taking a class, there's a very focused student

that would love some individual help.

It could be they have their novel, a memoir project or a poetry

collection well underway. Or, perhaps a fantastic idea that

needs some early days direction.

What they need is some one-to-one help.

But that's difficult for me with a dozen other students

also wanting my attention. 

That’s why I’m really enthusiastic to be able to offer you

my dedicated help as your personal writing coach.

Wherever you are in the world, sign up for one or more face-to-face sessions or telephone conversations and I can help you get your writing project rolling or kick-started if it’s stalled.

Things will be organised to suit you and your writing requirements, it is a bespoke package, but this is how I generally see it working:

  • Contact me by emailing to register your interest.

  • I'll reply to see what you're looking to achieve.

  • We agree a suitable time for our internet based one-to-one or phone conversation.

  • We have our half hour one-to-one.

  • I send you a 300-word report highlighting what you've learned and suggested next steps.

Ask an Expert

The cost for a one-to-one session as outlined above is £45.


If you wanted more sessions, I offer a package of 4 sessions for £150. You could decide on this option after your initial session and include that first one in the package.


We can hold one-to-ones over consecutive weeks, or over a longer period of time, meeting up as and when you need specific help.


Remember the one-to-ones are to help YOU with YOUR writing. As your writing coach, I can be flexible to meet your unique writing needs. If you want to discuss your particular requirements with me, please get in touch.


Please email me on:

​I look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime – enjoy your writing!



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