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  • David Richardson

Creative Writing is Being Human

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Occasionally, when I tell someone that I teach creative writing they say, ‘you mean calligraphy?’ Well, calligraphy is writing creatively, but creative writing is entirely different.

Human beings are by nature creative. And writing stories and poetry is one way in which we can express that creativity.

Think of young children playing their imaginary games – running a shop or dressing up. They are creating their own little worlds in which they then immerse themselves to play out their own imaginary stories.

Is not creative writing reliving that childhood experience?

Think of how we use language each day as we speak and chat to other people. The metaphors, puns, insider jokes that litter our day-to-day interactions with other people.

Creative writing is a convention to allow us to record such exchanges or invent new ones.

Writing For Yourself

We usually think about writing as a means to communicate with someone else. You have a message you want to convey, an emotion to articulate, or an expression that needs to be released from the within.

Any professional writer knows that when writing, taking your audience into account is a necessity. But, what about writing just for yourself?

Writing for yourself gives you a creative outlet to release what’s inside you. You can be totally open, knowing that only you will ever read those words. It's creativity to benefit our inner being.

From the day we are born, our minds are bursting with creativity. Whether it is escapism, releasing emotion, making yourself chuckle or an opportunity to relax, finding even as little as five minutes in the day to put pen to paper is a very rewarding experience.

By expressing your creativity in words, you’ll be tapping into the very nature of being human - that is, being creative.

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