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Creating Inspiration - 3 Tips for Writers

A writer creating inspiration for her writing
Creating Inspiration: Pick-a-Place and Find a Sense

You can’t write until you feel inspired – right? Sorry, that’s wrong! If you only write when inspiration decides to come your way, you’ll find that your writing output is extremely small.

Here are three more tips to help you create inspiration and avoid that blank page:

Bite the Bullet List

We often did this activity in one of my classes with ‘ladies of a certain age’. To begin with, all we got were to do lists and shopping lists! Good time planning, but not exactly creative writing. They soon got the idea though. Pick a subject – at the zoo, Jo’s wedding, Sunday afternoons and write a list of 6-8 bullet points. Turn half of them into sentences – and in no time, you’ve got a paragraph of writing.

Postcards From the Edge

Writing postcards are great – short, sweet and to the point. But to inspire you with something different, why not write a postcard from somewhere surreal? The moon, the inside of a kitchen cupboard, a bird’s nest. Keep it light-hearted and fun, but enjoy telling the folks back home all about it.

Pick-a-Place and Find a Sense

Settle yourself somewhere – it could be a park or beach, outside a café or even in your own living room and concentrate on your senses. Leave sight until last, but what are you hearing, smelling, tasting and touching? Give yourself 10-15 minutes of word doodling and enjoy feeling pen on paper.

I hope these tips will help you to get your pen moving and banish those blank page blues. Writing regularly, even when you're not motivated, is the way to improve your skills. Don't wait for inspiration - create it!

Go to the How To Write… page for a great suggestion from thriller writer Olivia Kiernan to help you create inspiration.

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