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  • David Richardson

Clear Your Desk – The Summer Holidays are Coming

It’s a truth universally acknowledged, that being a writer and a busy parent ain’t easy! That is no more true than when the school summer holidays arrive.

Amusing children at home, ferrying them to friends’ houses, parks, beaches, swimming pools, playgrounds, zoos, summer camps and so on, is going to play havoc with your writing schedule.

But, there is still enough time to accept the inevitable and organise yourself. Getting enough work done in the first part of this month means you can then enjoy some guilt-free time with your children.

How? By putting a workable plan together.

Pre-Summer Holiday Plan

Look are your current output as a writer and see have much you can increase it for a three week period. Yes, simply for the next three weeks!

Just think – if you’ve worked hard and achieved your goal, come the first week of the summer holidays, not only will your children feel that end-of-term joy, so will you!

Don’t stretch yourself too far – but postponing a coffee meet with a friend, or a delayed viewing of the last couple of episodes of that boxset would give you that extra time needed. As will the old writer’s go to of getting up half an hour earlier in the morning.

It may be tough, but it is only for three weeks. And remember the reward. More time with your children during the summer without any of the guilt.

Summer Holiday Plan

What about writing during the actual summer holiday school break?

Well, if you’re going away with the family, then it really isn’t the time to be worrying about (or even doing!!) your writing. Give yourself a break, and enjoy spending time with your family – you’ll never have those moments gain.

However, there will be periods during the holidays when you may have the time to write. Your kids are elsewhere, or you’re sitting waiting while they’re busy with their friends.

This is a great opportunity to give yourself a break from your on-going project and turn your mind to something else.

Why not doing some reading to develop your skills? Perhaps there’s a video series you could watch? Go through your old notebooks and refresh some previously learned ideas.

You could also do some writing exercises too.

These are all ways to keep your writing hat on, but wear it with some sunblock and dark glasses too.

As all experienced writers know, you have to balance the creative muse with hard work and everyday life. But with some pre-thought and pre-summer planning, you can achieve that very successfully.

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