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Frequently Asked Questions

Tip 1: Writer’s Notebook

Keeping a writer’s notebook is like having a bank account. Deposit ideas, notes and phrases when you’re flushed and then withdraw them when you need them.


Olivia Kiernan, author of Too Close to Breathe, The Killer in Me and soon to be released If Looks Could Kill says she ‘always has a notebook on the go, sometimes even two.’ They are a ‘place to brainstorm scenes or to jot down thoughts on plot/timeline’.


‘There is something about the physical act of handwriting,’ she says, ‘that helps… when I find myself short of inspiration’.


So keep a notebook close to hand and write down that thought before it escapes into the never-never. A writer’s notebook is a valuable resource that will pay you back many times over.


It is inspiration in the bank - waiting for you at the turn of a page.


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