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Writing Example

Here are some examples of my writing to illustrate

the topic we’re discussing.

On this month’s “How to Write…” page, we show how keeping a writer’s notebook helps with finding inspiration.


Here's an example from my own notebook.


First you'll see the notes I took sitting in the park on a visit to Windsor.

Diamond Jubilee Fountain Windsor_e
Notebook 4.jpg

Second, a poem I wrote at a later date, based on those notes.


Recognising Royalty


The water crown in Windsor Park

a symphony of splashes

a constant concerto of water music.

a public recognition of royalty.


The jets, erupting from the grey concrete plinth

parade to a persistent rhythm,

with the orbs - sentries stationed around the edge.


The March sun battles through the water mesh

a momentary eclipse,

sullen crackling and insistent sissing.


The wind creates stains upon the marble

creating wet dust to catch the unwary.


And a little boy

in his winter uniform

hood up against the critical spray

his feet wobbling

walks around the edge.

A slow march of independence

as others look on.

I hope you can see, how simply recording the sights, sounds and feelings on that day in Windsor became a source of inspiration for creative writing on another day.

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