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How To Write Creative Writing

THE most important element to being a successful and published writer is your mindset.
Image by Nick Morrison

What do I mean?

Being a writer is a lonely occupation. It’s tough!

Therefore, success comes with how you manage your mind, not just your writing.

You need to have the mindset to write regularly, to drive your work to the finish, and then to take disappointment in your stride.

Creative types have a mind with a myriad of ideas that loves to run wild – it’s not best suited to having the focus and motivation to see one idea through to its finish.

That’s where a writing coach can help.

I’m a published writer myself, with experience in one-to-one tutoring and life coaching. I can help you find and develop your own positive mindset to become a successful, published writer.

Please take a look at the What is Life Coaching? and How a Writing Coach Can Help You pages for more information and feel free to get in touch for a no obligation chat.

In the meantime, I wish you well with your writing.


Writing and Teaching 

Comes Together

Image by Tom Rogerson

The How To Write Creative Writing website aims to share my experience

in both writing and teaching to help you with your writing.

I have taught creative writing and English Language and Literature classes

for the WEA and for Adult Community Learning Essex.

I am also a published educational writer and I've worked as a copywriter for the automotive industry. My writing has appeared in local newspapers

up and down the UK.

Now the How To Write Creative Writing

website brings those skills together to help you.

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